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Commit 6e7cef25 authored by papauxg's avatar papauxg
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fetch from https instead of ssh on moved branch

parent b603513e
......@@ -19,15 +19,15 @@ COMPATIBLE_MACHINE = "omap-a15"
S = "${WORKDIR}/git"
BRANCH = "papaux/3.12-omap5-kvm"
BRANCH = "3.12-omap5-kvm"
# This commit corresponds to ti2013.04.02 release tag
# This commit corresponds to v3.12-rc1-omap5-kvm release tag
SRCREV = "4adcfa4b809bc8efa04884aa2518b2e7c9900e67"
PV = "3.12"
PV = "3.12-rc1"
# Append to the MACHINE_KERNEL_PR so that a new SRCREV will cause a rebuild
MACHINE_KERNEL_PR_append = "f+gitr${SRCPV}"
SRC_URI = "git://forge.tic.eia-fr.ch/geoffrey.papaux/linux-omap5.git;protocol=ssh;branch=${BRANCH};user=git \
SRC_URI = "git://forge.tic.eia-fr.ch/git/geoffrey.papaux/linux-omap5.git;protocol=https;branch=${BRANCH} \
file://defconfig \
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