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Commit 2b02c5e2 authored by Arton Hoxha's avatar Arton Hoxha
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fix same bug as before but at the really beginning of the game

parent 1b9f0ae3
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......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ static void s1_handler(void* param)
game* game = (struct game*)param;
printf("game state: %d", game->inSelection);
if (game->inSelection && game->selected_word[0]) {
if (game->inSelection && game->selected_word[0] && game->selected_word[0] != ' ') {
leds_set_state(LED_1, true);
msgq_post(game->events_msq, (void*)GAME_BTN_CLICK);
} else {
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