Le support aux utilisateurs et les demandes de création de comptes externes doivent être faites depuis les issues du projet GitLab HEFR (https://gitlab.forge.hefr.ch/forge-hefr/gitlab-hefr)

Commit 55ca62a8 authored by Olivier Beytrison's avatar Olivier Beytrison

Update .gitlab-ci.yml

parent aaed8b1f
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......@@ -14,12 +14,6 @@ build:
stage: build
- docker build --pull -t registry.forge.hefr.ch/embsys/arm-none-eabi-builder .
- docker push registry.forge.hefr.ch/embsys/arm-none-eabi-builder
- docker build --pull -t registry.forge.hefr.ch/olivier.beytrison/arm-none-eabi-builder .
- docker push registry.forge.hefr.ch/olivier.beytrison/arm-none-eabi-builder
image: alpine:latest
stage: deploy
- apk update && apk add curl
- "curl -X POST -F token=${CI_BUILD_BBB_TOKEN} -F ref=master https://gitlab.forge.hefr.ch/api/v4/projects/4947/trigger/pipeline"
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