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<p>exemple: &lt;git push origin --delete feature/form-qm></p>
<h2>To send a file through ssh</h2>
<p>&lt;pscp <span>"[file path]"</span> <span>[user@host:directory]</span>></p>
<p>exemple: &lt;psp "C:\Users\quentin.maradan\Desktop\image.png" tc@"></p>
<p>exemple: &lt;psp "C:\Users\quentin.maradan\Desktop\image.png" tc@></p>
<h2>Add an address to certbot certificate</h2>
<p>&lt;sudo certbot certonly --cert-name <span>[certificat name]</span> -d <span>[URL 1]</span>,<span>[URL 2]</span>,<span>[URL 3]</span>></p>
<p>exemple: &lt;sudo certbot certonly --cert-name -d,,,></p>
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