Commit e9f4933a authored by Frédéric Bapst's avatar Frédéric Bapst
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add a test case

parent 6b3955cc
......@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@ public class InterpreterTest {
corpusWithoutVars.add(new TestData(2, "((abs(sqr(2)-cube(2)))-(sqrt(4)))"));
corpusWithoutVars.add(new TestData(14, "2*(4+3)"));
corpusWithoutVars.add(new TestData(-18, "3*(4-sqr(4))/2"));
corpusWithoutVars.add(new TestData(6, "8-4+2"));
corpusWithVars.add(new TestData(0, "(4-1)abc -abc"));
corpusWithVars.add(new TestData(8, "(2)v +v +v +v"));
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